How to email or print your calendar in Outlook 2016

You can distribute your Outlook 2016 to family, friends and co-workers in numerous ways, including email, printing and sharing direct access from the Outlook client.

Email Your Calendar

To email your calendar, first select Home > E-mail Calendar from the Outlook ribbon.


Select the CalendarDate Range, and Detail settings for the schedule data you wish to send.

Send a calendar

Use the Advanced > Show button to alter the E-mail LayoutDaily schedule, and List of events.

Click OK when ready to proceed and your calendar information will be placed in the email.

Enter the email address to which you wish to send your calendar, add a message and click Send.

Print Your Calendar

If you’d like to print your Outlook calendar, first select File > Print from the Calendar ribbon.

Print menu

Now click the Print Options button.

Print options

In the Print Options box, select the Print style and Print range for your print, choosing a start and end date. You can also hide details of private appointments, if you don’t want them to be printed.

Print Options

Select your printer and click Print to proceed.

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