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  • Automatically back up your website, databases, and emails every day
  • Choose from 7 restore points for easy recovery
  • Avoid downtime from lost or misplaced files

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Don’t be without these HostPapa Automated Website Backup features:

Automated daily backups

Get daily premium automated backups for all your website files, MySQL databases, and emails. You don’t have to do a thing!

Version history and control

Choose the version you want to restore. Your website will be automatically backed up with multiple restore points for when you need it.

7 restore points

HostPapa saves your 7 most recent backups, so even if you’re unsure when the error occurred, you’ll still have a clean backup ready.

Disaster prevention and recovery

HostPapa’s Automated Website Backup is like having insurance for your website. We’ll help you get your website back to the way it was before the problems occurred.

Disaster prevention

All of your data will be regularly backed up and stored in a secure separate location. Access and restore your files anytime, from anywhere.

Disaster recovery

No matter the disaster – human error, corrupt files, hardware or software issues – you’ll be ready to recover in a flash!

Easy, do-it-yourself restore functionality

You’ll be back up and running in no time with our Automated Website Backup. It’s so easy to use that no IT team is required.

Basic plan includes 1GB of backup space

The 1GB plan will cover most website needs, but you can always upgrade if you find that you need more room.

Upgrade to 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, or 50GB of backup storage

As your website grows, make sure that all of your files remain protected by upgrading to a backup storage amount that fits your needs.

Website, database, and email backup

We don’t just backup your website files with our Automated Website Backup, we back up everything! Including your emails and databases.

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Why is backup so incredibly important?

HostPapa Automated Website Backup: protecting your hard work and effort

Disaster happens

Have you ever lost data or had issues with corrupted files? Have you experienced the headaches of downtime or the stress of trying to get your website back in order?

Imagine losing your entire website due to an unknown or unforeseen security vulnerability. Maybe your designer or IT expert forgot to install the right security patch, leaving your website open to attack. You try to restore the site from a previous version… but you can’t find the files.

In the meantime, your website is down. When you finally get it back online, you discover it’s been blacklisted by Google because of a hacker.

It happens more often than you think.

Be prepared for anything

Protect yourself from any data disaster, large or small, for a small annual fee.

Automated. HostPapa Automated Website Backup gives you automatic domain-level daily backups of your mission-critical data (up to 50GB of storage), including web pages, databases, and emails.

Powerful. Enjoy premium protection and fast recovery from lost or corrupted website or database files. Keep up to 7 restore points (previous versions), in case you overwrite the wrong web file.

Simple. You won’t have to do manual backups, arrange local or remote off-site storage of your files, or keep track of version history. HostPapa Automated Website Backup does it all for you. It’s all easy to manage, right from your HostPapa Automated Website Backup Control Panel.

HostPapa Automated Website Backup: Count on it!

Don’t worry about a thing. HostPapa Automated Website Backup gives you:

  • Daily automated backup of website files, databases, and emails associated with your HostPapa account
  • Protection from threats by hackers and other cybercriminals
  • Easy recovery and restoration of your data from previous versions
  • Protection against database corruption
  • Easy, do-it-yourself restore functionality
  • Secure data storage in a separate location, away from your local and server files

Features Overview

Quick recovery with HostPapa Automated Website Backup

A simple, worry-free backup solution. No more manual backups, and no more headaches managing version history or file storage.
We do it all for you. Need a hand? You can always count on HostPapa’s 24/7 support.

Read more about the key features of HostPapa Automated Website Backup:

HostPapa Automated Website Backup is a premium backup service that automatically protects your webpages, databases, files, and emails. Backups are done incrementally to ensure efficient, accurate data storage. HostPapa Automated Website Backup offers a reliable backup solution for all of your data, including:

  • All of your website files
  • MySQL database files
  • Images and additional website information
  • Scripts and applications used for your website
  • Your cPanel email forwarding structure and stored emails

HostPapa Automated Website Backup will keep up to 7 restore points of your website and other files, giving you multiple recovery points. You can quickly restore your data to a specific point in time. Simply choose the version you need and it's done!

  • Choose from up to 7 restore points of stored incremental backups
  • Quick, do-it-yourself restore process
  • Anytime, anywhere disaster prevention and recovery

Manage your automated backups through the HostPapa Automated Website Backup Control Panel. HostPapa Automated Website Backup lets you easily manage file versions and restore your website without any technical knowledge or complications. Our simple, intuitive interface allows you to perform recovery and management tasks from any web browser, anywhere.

  • Access all file versions easily from your HostPapa Automated Website Backup Control Panel
  • Web-based management ensures mobility and flexibility
  • Simple backup management and data recovery

Upgrade your storage space for your backups

If your website contains many large files, such as photos or videos, you may need more than the space included with your HostPapa Automated Website Backup account. You can upgrade your backup plan at any time.
Simply choose from the following packages:


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HostPapa Automated Website Backup is a powerful, easy-to-use premium backup solution. Automated backups mean you’ll save time, rest easy, and be prepared for any website-related disaster that may come your way. Whenever you need it, full website restoration is just a click away!

Here, we answer your most common questions about the HostPapa Automated Website Backup service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your data is backed up once every 24 hours (see the next answer for a list of what types of files are backed up). HostPapa Automated Website Backup maintains up to 7 restore points (versions) for your data, for easy version control and restoration.

HostPapa Automated Website Backup will store copies of all of your account-level website files, including:

  • Website files, images, and information
  • Scripts and applications used on your website
  • MySQL databases
  • Email files stored in your cPanel account
  • Email forwarding structure

For ultimate efficiency and usefulness, HostPapa Automated Website Backup uses daily incremental backup to store your files.

Here’s how it works:

As soon as you purchase website backup, the first backup saves and stores a full copy of everything on your web hosting account.

From that point on, HostPapa Automated Website Backup will identify and back up only those files that have changed since the last backup. This saves time and disk space.

For example, let’s say you activate the HostPapa Automated Website Backup on a Monday. A full backup is completed that day. On Tuesday, only the changes that have been made since Monday are saved. On Wednesday, only those files that have changed since Tuesday will be backed up.

This service is sold on a HostPapa web hosting control panel (cPanel) account basis. This means that one HostPapa Automated Website Backup account will cover all domains (including addon domains) associated with one cPanel account.

If you have more than one cPanel account – generally, this would be if you have more than one HostPapa account – you will need to purchase additional HostPapa Automated Website Backup packages. Every HostPapa Automated Website Backup account will save up to 7 restore points for your data.

Of course! The HostPapa Automated Website Backup Basic plan includes the ability to store (and restore) up to 1GB of mission-critical data. While this is ample space for the vast majority of our customers, some HostPapa clients do have websites or data files (photos, videos, or other files) that require more than 1GB of backup space.

You may upgrade your storage space at any time. Simply choose from the following storage amounts: 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, or 50GB.

HostPapa Automated Website Backup will keep up to 7 restore points for your files. You may choose to restore back to any of these 7 versions at any time.

HostPapa provides continuous backup of all its servers and equipment, including backing up all hard drives and data onto secondary RAID drives. This is a server-level backup in case of hardware-related issues.

With any shared web hosting service, it's possible to encounter any number of other issues that may affect your data and would not be protected by server-level backup. These may include:

  • Overwriting, accidental deletion, or updating with incorrect data files – especially if you allow multiple people to access or make changes to your website.
  • Not keeping up to date with the latest patches and security features, leaving you open to threats from hackers and cybercriminals. This is becoming a serious issue, especially if you use scripts, forms, applications, or password-protected areas on your website that require security updates.
  • Using third-party applications, including WordPress, Joomla!, and forum scripts, as well as plug-ins and extensions. HostPapa Automated Website Backup will back up all database data in a secure location.
  • Corruption of your MySQL database(s), or applications using MySQL.
  • Lost, misplaced, or unidentifiable local backup versions of your website.

It is essential to have a premium secondary level backup of all your mission-critical data. For a small monthly fee, you’ll be able to restore your data from a previous version anytime you need to do so. Quick, do-it-yourself website recovery – from any web browser, any time.

All of your backed up data is stored on a different website (or cloud) server, in a different physical location than the server on which your shared web hosting and database files reside. Off-site backup of this sort offers excellent security and protection for your data.

HostPapa Automated Website Backup's server is configured with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard that can only be accessed with an encryption password. The encryption password is sent along with every scheduled backup of your files in order to verify your account. We have taken every precaution to ensure that client data cannot be interfered with.

Within 24 hours of purchasing a HostPapa Automated Website Backup account, a full backup of all files related to your web hosting account will be completed. This will happen automatically. After the first full backup, a daily incremental backup will also happen automatically.

In other words, you don’t have to do a thing – until you want to restore any or all of your files. For a full explanation of the HostPapa Automated Website Backup easy restore process, please see How do I restore my files using HostPapa Automated Website Backup?