Change of Registrant

From time to time, the contact details of a domain registrant/owner can require an update. No matter if it is an ownership change where the domain will have a new owner or a simple email address update of the current owner, any change on registrant contact details will have 2 consequences:

  • An ICANN verification of the new registrant is triggered and it must be completed within 15 days in order to avoid domain suspension;
  • A 60 days transfer lock could be placed on the domain name by the registry.

The change of registrant is a 2 step process.

Step 1

The new registrant receives an email to approve the change:

Click on the approval link and a new page will open:

You may either leave the OpenSRS authorization to act as a designated agent box checked or uncheck it.

Once you click the “Accept Update” button, the next step is triggered.

Step 2

The old registrant receives an email to approve the changes. This email looks similar to the one received by the new registrant and only approval link differs.

Click on the approval link and a new page will open:

IMPORTANT: If you intend to transfer the domain to a new registrar, you need to check the “Waive 60-Day transfer lock” option. Otherwise, the domain will automatically be locked for 60 days by the registry and a transfer will not be possible.

If you no longer have access to the old registrant email address, please contact HostPapa Support and provide us with your phone number capable of receiving SMS for verification.

After the change has been completed, both the new registrant and former registrant will receive a confirmation email:

The new domain registrant will also receive the “Data use consent” email message and the ICANN verification email message.

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