How to view tasks and to-do lists in Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 includes a handy feature for creating tasks and to-do lists, allowing you to plan and track progress of your work throughout the day.

To view tasks and to-do lists in Outlook 2016, select the Tasks icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tasks icon

You’ll see two items listed under My Tasks.

  • Tasks– Review a list of all your tasks.
  • To-Do List– View items flagged in your emails.

Task list

Click Tasks to view a list of your tasks. You can change the view using the following options:

  • Detailed– shows due date, change in due date and date completed.
  • Simple List– displays tasks, including items that have been completed.
  • To-Do List– tasks which are due now or in the future.
  • Priority– shows the priority of tasks.
  • Active– shows active and incomplete items.
  • Complete– display completed items.
  • Today– items that are due today.
  • Next 7 Days– items due in the next seven days.
  • Overdue– displays overdue items.
  • Assigned– shows tasks assigned to other people.
  • Server Tasks– shows tasks stored on the server.

To view the To-Do list, select the relevant item from My Tasks. Click on a task displayed in the centre pane to view its details.

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